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V3M2 WiFi Support

  • All transactions declining/failing? ​​- Check internet or phone line is working. Switch power off at the power socket, check all cables connected, switch back on and hold down the power button to turn on. 

  • Blank screen or loss of power? ​​-  Ensure the plastic strip covering the gold pins is removed from the battery before switching on, ensure the battery is fully charged using with a power cable directly into the machine or the terminal is placed on the docking station correctly. Press the power button on the side of the terminal to turn on.

  • How do I complete my End of Day Banking Procedure/Settlement? ​- It is best practice to complete this at the end of business every day.​​

1. Press red ‘X’ button on the terminal keypad
2. When the terminal is displaying ‘Enter amount’ screen press ‘F1’ key
3. Select 'Batch' then ‘Settle -  enter password ‘0000’ and then press green ‘OK’ 
4. Follow on-screen instructions 

  • Terminal displays 'Acquirer Disabled' ​​- This means the connection has been lost with the acquirer and needs to be reconnected again, please call our Helpdesk

  • Software Upgrade​​ - Click the link below for full instructions


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