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Following updates to some of our terminals overnight, your terminal may display the following message

 ‘Set New Voice Referral Password’. If this is the case, you must create a new 5 digit code.

Please note; this is not your 4 digit merchant password which you type during the refund or settlement processes.

The Voice referral password must be a 5 digit number, however the terminal will not

accept all the same digits (i.e. 11111) or sequential digits (i.e 12345 or 98765).
Once the 5 digit code is typed in and confirmed with the ‘Enter’ button, 

the terminal will ask you to re-type the new code to reconfirm.

Once complete the terminal will return to the standard ‘Enter amount’ screen; no further action is  required.

Please note; this action is only required if the ‘Set New Voice Referral Password’ message is displayed.

Nothing to report, all servers up and running!